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Civil Litigation

Contract enforcement, collections & more.

Offering Reliable Legal Services in Abbotsford, Since 2005

Welcome to Valley Law Group LLP! We are a group of professional legal advisors providing reliable legal services in Abbotsford and surrounding areas. We offer a wide range of legal solutions from family affairs and road rage to fraudulent cases and personal injury.

Safeguard Your Business Assets and Interests with Us

Are you starting as an entrepreneur in Abbotsford or its surrounding areas? Then you must know how important it is to have a legal backup that safeguards your assets and interests from disputes and false claims. Rely on us for legal support on corporate and commercial matters.

Rely on Us for Legal Assistance in Family Law Matters

Considering separation from your spouse? Depend on us, for outside the courtroom settlement.  In case things go out of hand, we will back you up in front of the judge and represent your case effectively to get a fair settlement. Get in touch with us today for professional legal services in Abbotsford!

Why Choose Us?

Be it for individuals or businesses; no one can predict a legal matter. That is why we offer dependable legal support to help our clients deal with legal issues effectively. We also understand that every case is unique and hence pay equal attention to all our clients. 

Meet Our Team

At Valley Law Group LLP, we have a team of experienced lawyers aware of the court procedures' ins and outs and are committed to providing reliable legal services. Our team comprises Wayne R. Neufeld, David R. Thompson and Devin B. Larson. They can assist you in areas such as civil litigation, family law, personal injury, and more. Learn more about their areas of expertise and professional associations.

Our Services


Civil litigation
Family law
Personal injury
Wills and estates
Employment law
Estate litigation
Corporate and commercial law
Construction law

Contact Us

Confused about how to handle a legal situation? Get in touch with us today for professional legal services in Abbotsford. Our experienced lawyers will suggest the legal solution after thoroughly studying your case.

At Valley Law Group LLP, we offer legal services in the following areas:


I have been sued in Small Claims Court. What can I do?

Maybe you run a small business. Maybe you sold your house and someone is claiming that it is damaged. Maybe someone claims that you owe them money. Maybe you have no idea what the claim is. In any event, someone is suing you...

How can I get a divorce?

The Divorce Act, passed by the federal parliament in Ottawa, is the law governing divorce in British Columbia (and, for that matter, the rest of Canada).

In B.C., only the Supreme Court of British Columbia can make...

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