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Employment Law

Valley Law Group LLP’s lawyers have experience in dealing with employment matters from the perspective of both employer and employee. We can help you at the start of, during, and after the employment relationship.

Our lawyers can assist in negotiating and drafting employment contracts, drafting and reviewing personnel manuals, and helping employers with ensuring that they are adequately documenting employee performance and disciplinary matters.

For those unfortunate situations where an employment relationship is being or has been terminated, we can assist both employers and employees in negotiating fair severance packages.

While we strive to achieve negotiated settlements of the vast majority of our clients’ employment matters, we recognize that sometimes this is not possible. That’s why Valley Law Group LLP’s lawyers have considerable experience litigating employment matters in both the courts and before administrative tribunals such as the Employment Standards Tribunal and the Human Rights Tribunal.

Even if all you require is a consultation to understand your rights, contact one of our lawyers to know where you stand.

Wayne R. Neufeld & Devin B. Larson

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