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Corporate and Commercial Law Services in Abbotsford

The business lawyers at Valley Law Group LLP are well-qualified to provide quality legal services for businesses, whether it is a proprietorship, a partnership, or a small or large corporation. 

Valley Law Group has broad experience in corporate, commercial and real estate matters. We provide professional guidance and knowledgeable representation to buyers and sellers in commercial real estate transactions.  

We have experience in representing all kinds of stakeholders – buyers, sellers, lenders or borrowers. Our lawyers offer legal and strategic advice to our clients so that it can be implemented in the right manner to arrive at a legal solution. If you need reliable and experienced commercial law services in Abbotsford, reach out to Valley Law Group.  

Finances constitute a big part of commercial or real estate ventures and there is a huge potential for risk. However, a well-planned legal strategy can help in protecting the value of commercial real estate ventures. We are here to assist you with any kind of transaction regardless of the size and complexity that it involves. We ensure that we go through your case completely and offer tailor-made solutions that can elicit effective solutions.  

With the right approach and adopting best practices, we are sure that our clients will benefit from our commercial law services in Abbotsford.

Our services include:

  • Straightforward incorporations;

  • Acting as registered and records office;

  • Preparing and reviewing the partnership and shareholders agreements;

  • Corporate reorganizations;

  • Corporate rollovers;

  • Corporate estate planning;

  • Assisting in buying or selling a business; 

  • And much more.


The lawyers at Valley Law Group LLP have over 50 years of combined experience to assist you with your corporate and commercial legal needs.


We also provide legal assistance in family law,civil litigation, estate litigation and much more. If you need reliable and experienced lawyers, you can count on us for suitable service.

Contact Us Today : 

For commercial law services in Abbotsford, contact Valley Law Group and get the right legal solutions for your case.


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